[Baypiggies] The new PyoP List

jwithers grayarea at reddagger.org
Wed Feb 28 00:21:29 CET 2007

> This list is intended to be technical and social support for Python
> enthusiasts who meet face-to-face at the monthly Python meetings at
> Google in Mountain View, CA.

Sorry, just trying to make sure I actually understand this, because it
seems slightly surreal. What is happening is that a new list is being
split off of the baypiggies mailing list by someone who doesn't like the
name, but the point of the list is providing technical and social
support to people who attend the monthly meeting at Google, which is,
unless I am missing something, the monthly Bay PIGgies meeting? And the
physical meeting is actually called that and not planning on changing
its name?

Or am I misunderstanding what is happening here?


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