[Baypiggies] The new PyoP List

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 01:26:46 CET 2007

> >
> > This list is intended to be technical and social support for Python
> > enthusiasts who meet face-to-face at the monthly Python meetings at
> > Google in Mountain View, CA.
> Sorry, just trying to make sure I actually understand this, because it
> seems slightly surreal. What is happening is that a new list is being
> split off of the baypiggies mailing list by someone who doesn't like the
> name, but the point of the list is providing technical and social
> support to people who attend the monthly meeting at Google, which is,
> unless I am missing something, the monthly Bay PIGgies meeting? And the
> physical meeting is actually called that and not planning on changing
> its name?
> Or am I misunderstanding what is happening here?

i believe that your description is accurate.  this original mailing
list, which JJ has now assumed the moderator role for, is for *both*
those who attend meetings as well as those who don't, and consist of
folks who both like the name *and* dislike it. the key differentiator
is that once the group splits off into these 2 separate lists, members
of this main list will no longer discuss issues that have been put to
rest and that we can once again return to the almost-silent list that
BayPIGgies has been known for since 1999 until 2005.


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