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On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 15:33:53 -0800
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> #) Monkey patching!
> At runtime, anything is hackable.  Sometimes you have to rely on a
> third party library that does the wrong thing.  Now, you should start

How's this for "monkey patching":

    import new
    parser = xml.sax.sax2exts.XMLParserFactory.make_parser()

    # since the xml API provides some generic parser I can't just
    # subclass I have to "patch" the object in-place with this trick.
    # This is to a) make the API compatible with the HTMLParser, and b)
    # allow specifing the encoding in the request.
    parser.parse_orig = parser.parse
    def parse(self, url, data=None, encoding=POM.DEFAULT_ENCODING):
        import WWW.urllibplus
        fo = WWW.urllibplus.urlopen(url, data, encoding)
        return self.parse_orig(fo)
    parser.parse = new.instancemethod(parse, parser, parser.__class__)
    return parser

(sorry about the late reply)


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