[Baypiggies] Python Job

Ken Seehart ken at seehart.com
Wed Jan 10 00:24:27 CET 2007

Internet Chess Club (www.chessclub.com) is looking for an experienced 
python programmer.

This will be new product development, so you have an opportunity to 
write beautiful fresh python code :-) 

If you are interested, please see me at BayPiggies (I will make an 
announcement at the end), or contact me:
Ken Seehart (831)479-7684 ken at seehart.com


    Two or more years of Python
    GUI development, especially wxPython
    Know how to play chess
    At least three items from below...

Strongly preferred:

    Internationalization and Localization


    HTML, network protocols
    Non blocking I/O and related skills (e.g. Twisted, threads, 
generators, etc.)
    Audio/video streaming
    Regular expressions
    Some C++, especially python extensions
    Play chess online

Extra credit:

    Read/write some Chinese and/or Spanish
    Graphics skills (e.g. Photoshop)
    Live near Santa Cruz area (although it is a telecommuting position)

Code samples are required.

- Ken

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