[Baypiggies] New List Admin? (was Re: Fwd: Request to mailing list Baypiggies rejected)

Doug Landauer zia at cruzio.com
Thu Jan 11 09:24:14 CET 2007

On Jan 10, 2007, at 4:19 PM, Mike Cheponis wrote:
> I propose we remove Aahz from running the BayPiggies list.
> Anybody else agree?  Clean house in 2007?

No.  It's difficult enough to find competent volunteer help for an 
organization like BayPIGgies.  IMHO public calls for removal, 
especially from a vocal minority, just make it less likely that anyone 
will step forward.

> I'm sure Mr. Aahz is a fine, upstanding gentleman, but I've -never- 
> seen him at a meeting  ...

FWIW, I have seen him at several BayPIGgies meetings.

> Now, I could be talked into calming down and realizing this was just a 
> bonehead move by a novice email admin...

Precisely the opposite -- it was default mailman behavior, and Aahz as 
moderator is about as far from novice as anyone I know (except maybe 
John Levine, comp.compilers moderator).

Suggestion to Russell W., if you should see this message:  if you do 
add a new email list to a message, SAY SO IN THE BODY of the message.  
People tend not to notice cc's -- in general, not to read any headers 
except From and Subject.  I personally don't think announcement-style 
crossposting is such a problem, as long is it is made noticeably 
explicit in the message body.  And I'd like to hear Brett's talk, if it 
does end up organizing itself :-)

   -- Doug Landauer
      (Former admin of nexus at apple.com, circa early 1997 during the 
merger with NeXT)

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