[Baypiggies] I can't do presentation tonight

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 22:10:36 CET 2007

> I propose that we still hold this meeting, unless most of us express
> an unwillingness
> to do so.  Regardless, I'll be happy to help meet people at Building
> 43 and make sure
> they get properly escorted upstairs.
> Shall we have a meet 'n greet tonight, then?
> Opinions, anyone?

best wishes to donna as well.

we should *always* meet, even in the absence of an agenda... it's been
like this for *years* now.  even when we didn't have an agenda *nor* a
venue, we have met before -- anyone remember the coco's meeting on
lawrence?  those that wish for a more structured meeting pass and wait
for next month's meeting.

meet-n-greets are best suited for such environments.  on other
occasions, we've had "newbies night," an opportunity for regular
members to bring friends and colleagues into the Python fold -- this
partial meet-n-greet comes with two people doing a demo on-screen...
one person driving and one person talking.

see you tonite!
-- wesley
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