[Baypiggies] Is it problematic to embed python in a Qt C++ app?

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 02:18:15 CET 2007

Do any of you remember Jimmy Retzlaff's presentation (at Stanford) on the
python/wxPython app he wrote for his brother's company?

There is quite a bit of fast graphics manipulation going on in that app, and
it was all written in Python ( Jimmy, correct me if I'm wrong). He had even
illustrated the fact that earlier cuts of the program were prohibitively
slow, until he optimized the critical areas.

Drew Pertulla's video clip organizer app (sorry, I forgot the name of it),
is another fine example of Python not being the bottleneck in a
high-performance situation.

It would be great is examples like these would proliferate to help disspell
the myth that Python is too slow for serious development.

On 1/15/07, Stephen McInerney <spmcinerney at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >From: Ken Seehart <ken at seehart.com>
> >BTW, the only overwhelming reason to favor C++ over python for any /new
> >/GUI development is because management thinks it's a good idea and you
> >really don't want to annoy them with newfangled ideas.  Another advantage
> >of writing GUI code in C++ instead of python is that it takes 4 to 10
> times
> >as long to implement C++, which is very good for job security. :-)
> I was discussing with a very experienced Java-XML-C++ friend,
> he is open to using Python instead of C++ in his GUI, but had the
> usual expectations about runtime performance being much slower.
> Are there any case studies or papers to evangelize people like that?
> If not, this would make good future PyCon material.
> Also, documenting and quantifying the shorter development time and
> less maintenance would be useful too.
> As to commercial decisions, the labor pool of C++/Java GUI programmers
> is probably 100x as large as the Python one, and that's a main driver.
> Stephen
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