[Baypiggies] Is it problematic to embed python in a Qt C++ app?

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Tue Jan 16 19:14:50 CET 2007

At 07:37 PM 1/15/2007, William Deegan wrote:
>Most times the issue is the algorithm, lack of caching, and programmer

Yes.  My DialogDevil app is inherently at least order N cube (open windows 
x refresh rate x memorized tasks).  In Python, it is very easy to write 
dictionary-based caches.  It started out s-l-o-w.  There are 6-7 caches 
throughout this code and total CPU load is under 1% in a variety of conditions.

Memory usage is a hidden performance killer.  I have not seen an analysis 
of Python usage of L1 and L2 cache usage and would be interested if anyone 
has done this.  The total memory footprint of DialogDevil with WX is, 
choke, 48 MB.  Granted, some of this is in shared libraries but this is 
still 3X larger than anything else I have seen run.  I am near tail end of 
a re-write to strip out WX completely and am seeing a target footprint of 6 
MB as very achievable.

I would expect the memory footprint of a C-based WX app to be smaller than 
an equivalent WX Python app because the PYD and SWIG wrapping is not required.


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