[Baypiggies] Seeking February (and March and April) speakers

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 20:47:11 CET 2007

> * Re Pycon, there were many requests could the folks going (there are at
> least 4) contact each other and divide the program among themselves to
> figure out who will cover which talks? Probably need to coordinate this
> on-list.

Here are the talks that I plan on attending.  I don't have very much
flexibility, unfortunately.  I had to pick the talks that best matched
my current position in order to justify the cost of going to my boss.
Of course, you won't hear any complaints from me!

  01:20pm "Testing Tools in Python"

  09:00am "Plenary: Keynote 1 - Ivan Krstić" (for fun)
  10:50am "038 Python, Unicode, and Internationalization"
  11:25am "097 Parsing revisited: a grammar transformation approach to parsing"
  12:00pm "076 Using Stackless"
  01:45pm "066 WSGI: An Introduction"
  02:35pm "036 Web Frameworks Panel"
  04:15pm "049 Iterators in Action"
  04:50pm "059 Creating games with Pygame on the GP2X" (for fun)

  10:50am "087 Scaling Python for High-Load Web Sites"
  11:40am "021 Testing Tools Panel"
  02:05pm "040 Embedding Little Languages in Python"
  02:40pm "027 Distributing your project with Python Eggs"
  03:15pm "101 Embedding Jython applications in a Firefox Extension"
  04:05pm "012 The Star Schema in Python - Analysis and Reporting without
  04:40pm "050 Interactive Parallel and Distributed Computing with IPython"
  05:55pm "Plenary: Lightning Talks (Sat PM)"

  11:25am "083 You vs. The Real World: Writing Tests With Fixtures"
  12:00pm "031 The Wonderful World of Widgets for the Web"
  01:30pm "085 The Essentials of Stackless Python"
  02:05pm "005 twill, scotch, and figleaf -- tools for testing"
  02:40pm "094 Software Development with Trac"
  03:30pm "046 Packaging Python apps for Linux Distributions"
  04:25pm "Plenary: Lightning Talks + Closing Address (Sun PM)"

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