[Baypiggies] Let's welcome the new year!

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 21:05:55 CET 2007

Hey everyone,

Aahz has "passed on the torch" of mailing list moderator to me.  As my
first official duty, I'd like to sincerely thank him for all his hard
work.  It's often said that being a mailing list moderator is a
thankless job--the same people who complain about your policies are
the ones you are in charge of protecting from bounced messages, spam,
etc.  I'd like to thank Aahz for all the junk email I never even knew
existed ;)

I'm also excited about the speakers that Jim Stockford is busily
lining up for our enjoyment this year.  All in all, I'm looking
forward to another fun year!

Now, I have a question for you.  Many members of this group would like
to have a moderated baypiggies-announce mailing list.  Indeed, the
volume on the normal baypiggies mailing list can occasionally become

I propose:

* We create a moderated baypiggies-announce mailing list.  Job
postings would not be welcome here.  In fact, it would be used only
for baypiggies meeting announcements and perhaps announcements for
other Python-related meetings.

* The current baypiggies list could remain a place for Python
discussion, a *small* amount of Python job posts (still requiring that
the jobs be for Python and in the Bay Area), meeting planning, etc.
I'd also like to see mail from the baypiggies-announce mailing list
automatically forwarded to the baypiggies list so that people only
have to subscribe to one or the other; it can be burdensome to have to
subscribe to too many lists.

Now, I have a reasonable fear that this discussion can quickly grow
out of hand, so please respond with simply:

* A number from -1 (hate it) to +1 (love it) signifying your opinion.

* An optional reason for your opinion.

* An optional alternate idea.

In IETF style, I'd like to make a decision based on rough consensus
among members who are familiar with one another rather than a formal

Best Regards,


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