[Baypiggies] Let's welcome the new year!

Max Slimmer max at theslimmers.net
Wed Jan 24 23:02:26 CET 2007

Personaly I don't need another list to subscribe to but as long as it would
be included in the standard list, I guess it would allow people to avoid
some of the noise on paypiggies list, though it isn't that busy either.  No
objection, but to me whats the point, I would want content of both.


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> Hey everyone,
> Aahz has "passed on the torch" of mailing list moderator to 
> me.  As my first official duty, I'd like to sincerely thank 
> him for all his hard work.  It's often said that being a 
> mailing list moderator is a thankless job--the same people 
> who complain about your policies are the ones you are in 
> charge of protecting from bounced messages, spam, etc.  I'd 
> like to thank Aahz for all the junk email I never even knew existed ;)
> I'm also excited about the speakers that Jim Stockford is 
> busily lining up for our enjoyment this year.  All in all, 
> I'm looking forward to another fun year!
> Now, I have a question for you.  Many members of this group 
> would like to have a moderated baypiggies-announce mailing 
> list.  Indeed, the volume on the normal baypiggies mailing 
> list can occasionally become burdensome.
> I propose:
> * We create a moderated baypiggies-announce mailing list.  
> Job postings would not be welcome here.  In fact, it would be 
> used only for baypiggies meeting announcements and perhaps 
> announcements for other Python-related meetings.
> * The current baypiggies list could remain a place for Python 
> discussion, a *small* amount of Python job posts (still 
> requiring that the jobs be for Python and in the Bay Area), 
> meeting planning, etc.
> I'd also like to see mail from the baypiggies-announce 
> mailing list automatically forwarded to the baypiggies list 
> so that people only have to subscribe to one or the other; it 
> can be burdensome to have to subscribe to too many lists.
> Now, I have a reasonable fear that this discussion can 
> quickly grow out of hand, so please respond with simply:
> * A number from -1 (hate it) to +1 (love it) signifying your opinion.
> * An optional reason for your opinion.
> * An optional alternate idea.
> In IETF style, I'd like to make a decision based on rough 
> consensus among members who are familiar with one another 
> rather than a formal vote.
> Best Regards,
> -jj
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