[Baypiggies] Let's welcome the new year!

Daniel Lord daniel at brightfire.com
Fri Jan 26 16:35:32 CET 2007

> If you loosen the requirements, you'll need to make this a moderated
> mailing list or otherwise do something to keep the spam out.  Trust me,
> the tight lid on job ads for BayPIGgies had little to do with the volume,
> there have been too many other venues for job ads destroyed by idiots and
> vandals.

Let's think 'ouside the box' to risk a cliche. Why assume we have to
loosen requirements?
I can think of two ideas that might be feasible:

1. What if recruiters become a class of member with certain guidelines
on posting and if they abuse it--we revoke their membership. So only
members can still post and list control is as tight as ever.

2. The other possibility is to issue recrutiers a token they have to
include in their post or it is rejected. It the token is abused, it is
revoked. A recruiter gets a limited number of tokens (a simple MD5
hash stored in an sqlite db might suffice) before being permanently
banned from posting.

If the membership majority wants recruiting posts, I'd suggest
something along the line of the above to control them. It will take a
bit more effort for moderation. I will volunteer to help out.

Daniel Lord

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