[Baypiggies] [vote] name change

Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 23:57:13 CET 2007

Ok, let's address the mother of all arguments--the name change ;)

To change the name of this mailing list, vote +1 and propose an alternate.
To keep the existing name, vote -1.

Certain of our readers object to the term "baypiggies" due to the
negative connotation.  Clearly, a better term might have been
"baysmarties", but I digress ;)

As we come to conclusion about the direction of this mailing list, it
makes sense to bite the bullet and vote on whether to keep the name
baypiggies.  As a historical note (Aahz can correct me), baypiggies
stands for "Bay Area Python Interest Group", which makes sense.

If we change the name baypiggies, we may (arguably) gain a name with a
better connotation, but we risk irritating a lot of people who will
have to update their mail filters and learn a new email address to
send mail to.  Worst of all, there may be instances of this email
address in the wild, and I'm not sure if I can set it up as an alias
if we decide to go with a new name.

Because of the severe drawbacks of this change, I'd like to be
conservative and propose that we only change the name if we have 10 or
more +1s and no more than half as many -1s.  I think requiring a two
to one vote is fair given the advantages vs. the disadvantages of
making this change.

Best Regards,


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