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Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Wed Jan 31 02:09:49 CET 2007

----- On Tuesday, January 30, 2007 jjinux at gmail.com wrote:

> Ok, I'm getting mixed messages on two topics:
> * Should we have an admin list? (+1 yes, -1 no)


Jim asked for an admin list to help him figure out the meetings.  Jim has sort of a cheering squad in a cc: list right now.  He likes it, as I understand it.

I think the vote is running against this.

Does this mean that the group wants Jim to keep his meeting administration work on this list, i.e., in public?  And we should abandon any private cc-lists?

Or, is it ok if I make a deliberate.com list for him if he wants?  It would be eVoted, Jim, if that's ever useful.

> * Should we have a separate jobs list? (+1 yes, -1 no)



Total name change?  

We know that we don't have 2 to 1 from the last vote so I won't put yet another silly email in people's boxes for that.

But, I'll say it here:


Bay Area Python Enthusiasts: BAPE

There are some glaring flaws in the democratic process here.  Just because I am participating doesn't mean I'm fooled into thinking that these decisions aren't pre-ordained.

But, nice gesture,


> Well, this is a mailing list, so of course we'll disagree.
> If you want a separate admin list, speak now.  I'm personally against
> it.  However, if I get four or more +1's and no more than half as many
> -1's, I'll let myself be vetoed.
> As for the separate jobs list, some are arguing for it and some are
> arguing against it.  I'm really quite confused because the arguments
> are pretty much sounding the same on both sides.  Hence, my default
> decision is to drop it.  We can stick with a subject line prefix with
> the existing list.  If you really want the new list, speak now.
> Again, four or more +1's and no more than half as many -1's.
> Best Regards,
> -jj
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