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Carl J. Van Arsdall cvanarsdall at mvista.com
Wed Jan 31 00:05:07 CET 2007

Eh, really, there isn't that much traffic on this email list.  I get a 
couple emails once in a while, a simple filter and I can read them at my 
leisure.  Yes, that's right, that's how I keep 5 messages a week from 
disrupting my ADD.

I don't see the point in a separate mailing list for admin stuff.  I 
mean, that's mostly what goes on this list anyhow.  Every once in a 
while there's a python related discussion, but I wouldn't say that the 
volume of both warrants maintaining two different lists.

As far as the jobs list, again, i don't know that it really needs a 
list.  How about a simple policy (a standard subject heading that I can 
parse with a regex or whatever), users who can't handle it should be 
well more than adept enough with their email client to setup a filter 
and let it delete what they don't want.  I see more discussion about 
jobs than actual jobs posted anyhow.  We're all python programmers (or 
should be) and should be technically advanced enough to deal with this 
such that our own individual needs are met.

I don't see an extra handful of emails a week being a problem for anyone 
that they couldn't rectify entirely on their own.  With that, see some 
of you at pycon!

Votes below.


Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> Ok, I'm getting mixed messages on two topics:
> * Should we have an admin list? (+1 yes, -1 no)

> * Should we have a separate jobs list? (+1 yes, -1 no)
> Well, this is a mailing list, so of course we'll disagree.
> If you want a separate admin list, speak now.  I'm personally against
> it.  However, if I get four or more +1's and no more than half as many
> -1's, I'll let myself be vetoed.
> As for the separate jobs list, some are arguing for it and some are
> arguing against it.  I'm really quite confused because the arguments
> are pretty much sounding the same on both sides.  Hence, my default
> decision is to drop it.  We can stick with a subject line prefix with
> the existing list.  If you really want the new list, speak now.
> Again, four or more +1's and no more than half as many -1's.
> Best Regards,
> -jj


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