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Marilyn Davis wrote:
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> I think your logic is backwards Carl:  what we call ourselves is much more important than what others call us.  It has much more power for shaping who we are and how we behave.
I think I need a counter example as to how BayPiggies vs some other name 
will attract python enthusiasts differently.  I know that when I was 
looking for a python group here in the bay, I googled it, found it, I 
thought BayPiggies was a bit silly, but it didn't deter me in the 
slightest.  I knew what I want, and being that this was the only group 
in town, there it was.  I would think that a name that states "it is 
what it is" would be most appropriate (Bay Area Python Interest Group) 
which is what BayPiggies is, I just assumed it was shorted to 
BayPiggies.  So in my head (granted, this could come down to a simple 
philosophy, so we can agree to disagree too), it seems absolutely 

I think what's more important is the content of the group.  If the 
content is nothing short of amazing, then BayPiggies, BayLemurs, or 
"Guys who like to hang out at google cause they are just that cool" 
would suffice.  What attracts me to this group are presentations I find 
useful as well as insight into the Bay Area Python community.  If 
nothing else, the member who suggested "time management for system 
administrators" at the meet and greet, he changed my life.  Its those 
suggestions, new ideas, that keep me coming back.  A way to better 
myself and contribute to the betterment of the community in ways that I 
find I am able.

> There are lots of great lists for disucssing Python itself.  So people who are looking for that should try the others.  My favorite is the tutor list.  The global lists have nothing else to do, except discuss Python.
Yep, plenty of lists, I'm on some of them.  They don't come with the 
family atmosphere that this one comes with, and that's why I like it 
over say, the general python list where a single mistake will result in 
15 flames from angry python developers all over the world.  I think this 
list is useful for discussing python within the context of the bay area 
in addition to connecting with other python developers.  As this place 
has a different culture all its own and its nice to approach things from 
this perspective.

> This one is about knowing and meeting other Python enthusiasts.  It is special because it is connected to our geography.  It is about people and real connections.
Yep, I agree.  Maybe there's a miscommunication somewhere.  But I don't 
think that this list should be limited to meet and greet.  It should be 
a place where we can communicate technically as well, but within the 
context of the bay area and the industry that we are building here.

> So it makes sense to me that admin and meta discussions would dominate.
And I am fine with that too.  But I dont' think there needs to be three 
separate mailing lists.  There really isn't *that* much going on here 
and those that *really* don't want to deal with those discussions could 
pretty easily setup some filters if we have a simple process for 
differentiating emails based on simple subject headers.  There are times 
where I may or may not be interested in those, but coming into the 
group, I don't necessarily want to think about three different lists. 

Sorry if my tone sounds harsh or something, people tell me I come off 
that way, but I'm just participating in the discussion, I promise 
there's no ill will here, I love you guys :)



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