[Baypiggies] [vote] name change

James Hartley jjhartley at att.net
Wed Jan 31 19:41:19 CET 2007

>> On Tuesday, January 30, 2007 cvanarsdall at mvista.com wrote:
>> Being that this isn't some entity out to make money, we don't
>> necessarily need to sound appealing.  The people that want to be here
>> will be here regardless of the name.
> I think your logic is backwards Carl:  what we call ourselves is much
more > important than what others call us.  It has much more power for
> who we are and how we behave.

Given that you joined the group while its name is BayPIGgies indicates
that the name isn't important to you either.  This hasn't a matter of
logic as it is personal agenda.

Name change == -1

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