[Baypiggies] Some updates to the BayPiggies web page (and mention of the wiki)

Donna Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 21:58:17 CET 2007

I can adjust that for now.. but we are moving to a Plone site.. which
will alleviate much of the "old" information and delay in adding
content because change of content will be accessible to anyone (we
authorize) who is comfortable working with a browser based MS
Word-like WYSIWYG editor (say that 5 times fast)

So we need to put a drop-dead date on completion of this site.. I
think if we really push.. we can have the new site done.. by end of
next week.. it really isn't that large of a site..
I just need feedback and we need someone to change dns once we are
satisfied.. with the new site..

I'll put some time into it this weekend.. so let's plan on a vote
(usenet style) on Monday on whether the site is good, bad or

Mark Jaffe pointed out a join issue on the site.. (related to the mail
me a password) that I need to fix.. I'll do that today so anyone who
wants to help.. can join the site.. I will make you a manager so you
can add content and publish.

Look & feel will be simple to start.. and we can continue to improve
upon the design.

If we move to the new site soon.. all the "events" (like information
about OSCON) will be easy to add. I don't have to do it.. you can go
in and add an event.. publish and it'll show up.

Do we have a February talk planned? if'n we don't or if the talk
doesn't take up the entire time.. maybe we break up into groups
earlier than usual and I can do a little small group "training" on how
to use the system to add content? It won't be a presentation per se
(don't have to record) but I can just whip open the laptop and take
people through how to work with plone.. for those who'd like to
contribute to the baypiggies.net website.. like Tony or Jim (for
adding meetings)

Anyway..I have to get back to work.. i'll change out the directory
link for now.. (or at least comment the old info)...

I can link directly to the BayPiggies (google sign up) wiki..maybe
something like..

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On 1/31/07, Chad Netzer <chad.netzer at gmail.com> wrote:
>   In some off-list correspondence a while back I mentioned that the
> web site needs some updating, and was told to mention in on the list.
> Mainly, in the "Navigation" sidebar (to the left), the directions link
> is out of date (http://baypiggies.net/dir.html), still pointing to
> IronPort.  Granted, the updated information is on the front page, but
> I'd suggest that the directions link also be updated, or removed.
>   Also, at the January meeting, I mentioned the BayPiggies meeting
> Wiki, and many attendees said "what Wiki?".  It is linked to on the
> website, but not prominently.  Perhaps it could be made more explicit
> (the link is http://wiki.python.org/moin/BayPiggiesGoogleMeetings), as
> it is useful for "signing up" ahead of time.
> Chad
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