[Baypiggies] OT Snail Baud (was: [vote] name change)

Rick Kwan kenobi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 22:13:00 CET 2007

I'm very amused.  My innocuous little comment has become its own
thread.  (I'll get back on topic ... sort of ... in a minute.)

I believe I started doing UUCP with a 2400 baud modem passing Netnews
and other traffic between a couple of research institutions in the
L.A. area.  (Don't think I had to do 1200.)  A lot of Usenet
conventions were based on minimizing bandwidth usage so that the
signal/noise ratio remained high, or at least decent.  (The first spam
in Usenet was a major offense just because the little message ate
bandwidth from so many news groups.  [Can't remember the business
name, but I remember they were immigration lawyers.]  Recall also that
the original ARPAnet ran on 56Kbps leased lines.)

However, given the increased traffic that human readers wade through,
many Usenet conventions seem to have  enduring usefulness (e.g., how
votes were conducted, editing down original messages in responses,
interleaved originals and responses), even in the days of broadband.
(And in some places, the top-posting that I'm doing here would be a


On 1/30/07, Eric Walstad <eric at ericwalstad.com> wrote:
> Aahz wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 30, 2007, Rick Kwan wrote:
> >> (I miss my 9600 baud compressing Trailblazer modem.)
> >
> > You had a 9600 baud modem?  Luxury!
> I miss my rtty/hf/amateur radio rig.  I don't recall exactly what baud
> rate I could do with my KAM (Kantronics All Mode), I think it was 300
> baud on the 40 meter band where I would hang out.  Ah, the good old days
> when I had room for an HF antenna and the time to tinker with cw, rtty
> and packet radio.
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> kc6ntp
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