[Baypiggies] pre-registration for Baypiggies meeting

Warren Stringer warren at muse.com
Mon Jul 9 23:26:22 CEST 2007

> Signup at the Google wiki is *way* simpler that the convoluted example
> posted.

So, who's mind am I supposed to reading? Google wiki? That is not what was

I did not put up a convoluted example for the fun of it; I was retracing my
steps. The fact that there is an easier way and a harder way to reach the
same goal implies that there are one too paths. The path that was posted to
this list, was the one that I followed. I suspect that I am not an isolated

> >Don't know how the money flows; $12/mo is
> >rather cheap. Pass a hat?
> I will simply pass.  The wiki is just fine.  I don't need another
> password-accessed email-collecting site to log onto.

Meetup uses cookies; looking into my record is as simple as:
	1) type in "mee" in the URL field
	2) the browser autocompletes the meetup.com site
	3) I hit down arrow and return
	4) a time sorted list of my 10 meetups appear 
And then to sign up
	5) click on the group
	6) group summary page appears
	7) click on rsvp now
	8) RSVP page appears
	9) click on radio button yes
This done in less than 30 seconds. Beat that.

In addition, there is that viral element of tapping into the other
programming communities who may be curious about Python. Just explore what
programming groups are using Meetup, now.

Unless, of course, the problem is that Baypiggies is already over attended.
In which case, my apologies for making such a distracting suggestion.


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