[Baypiggies] new web application framework.

Keith Dart ♂ keith at dartworks.biz
Thu Mar 1 02:03:35 CET 2007

Bob Ippolito wrote the following on 2007-02-28 at 16:40 PST:
> I'm sure you could do that with Pylons if you really wanted to, routes
> is just the default routing middleware. I'm not sure when you'd want
> callable to URL mapping though? I've never even thought of wanting
> such a thing.


Well, the real goal of this framework is to enable a Python developer
that might not know XHTML in detail to churn out custom web interfaces
as quickly and easily as possible. So, a simple mapping to a handler
function (or callable class instance) is a nice way to do it. That's
how Django does it and since I've been using Django I'm used to that


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