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Scott Rosenberg will be at the Hillside club, this Sunday, with Eric Allman,
and others: http://www.hillsideclub.org/blog/?p=24 



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On 3/2/07, Robert Taylor <rob at pcnt.com> wrote:

I recently had the pleasure of reading "Dreaming in Code" by Scott


He explores the question of why large software projects are so difficult,
and uses the Open Source Applications Foundation's "Chandler" project as a
case study. I enjoyed the book, for its review of software development, the
specific history of Chandler, and interesting anecdotes from computing
history. The book does not pretend to offer any simple solutions, but does
raise interesting questions, and entertains along the way. 


What did you think of this book?


It's an important read: it's important to realize that problems (feature
creep, slippage) can and do happen to good project (ones with good people
and several good choices of technologies and approaches).  We (collectively,
as a profession) need to learn from our (collective) mistakes, and mistakes
made by skilled people who have avoided many obvious pitfalls can be
particularly instructive. 


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