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Sun Mar 4 06:04:47 CET 2007

I think we have enough members who would appreciate the Python travel mug. I
got one at PyCon and love it!

Anyone else interested? If so, we could gather the money and send in an

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Please excuse the shameless plug (or delete now, please)

We were at PyCon in Dallas offering embroidered shirts (and other items)
with the Python logo and had a wonderful time; we are grateful to both the
PSF and PyCon staff for treating us so well.   Many people asked if we had a
web site (which we didn't) and requested us to make it known when we got one
up.  Thanks to our friends at etsy.com -- who we met at PyCon --
wearpython.com is up offering our polo and denim shirts.  We will add more
items in the coming days but wanted everyone to know that we are up and

I will add the fleece jackets, zen of Python tree shirts (only L and XL
left, sorry), posters and (especially) the travel mugs soon.  If you are
involved with a Python user group, would you consider purchasing a case of
24 mugs for $200.00?  Due to a honest misunderstanding, we have 8 cases left
over which is a considerable sum of money on our budget.

We are looking forward to PyCon 2008.  Let us know if there is anything you
would like us to carry and we will see what we can do.  Email me a
gslindstrom over at gmail.


Greg Lindstorm
Elegant Stitches Embroidery (head of the python outfitting division :-)
P.O. Box 11134
Conway, AR  72034

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