[Baypiggies] April Meeting Proposal - Ivan Krstić

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Mar 13 22:22:54 CET 2007

    i like it for the reason that if this is takes the place
of our monthly meeting, I'm off the hook for putting
together a satisfying newbies night.
    I saw negroponte at the red hat summit in nashville
last june. his was one of the most entertaining talks--
riveting, really.
    to the criticism that he's too much the showman,
well so was P. T. Barnum, but people like the circus
    I think this will be stimulating.
    And it gives me time to go through the February
email with a better chance of sorting out the various

On Mar 13, 2007, at 9:17 AM, Carl J. Van Arsdall wrote:

> Rand Bradley wrote:
>> As everyone on the list is probably aware, Ivan Krstić gave an
>> excellent keynote talk at PyCon 2007 on the One Laptop per Child
>> project (OLPC). I was so impressed, I emailed Ivan to see if he or
>> someone from the OLPC project might be interested in speaking for
>> SDForum's Emerging Technology SIG. I also suggested Wednesday 4/11 if
>> possible. Ivan wrote me back that he was interested and  that Google
>> also wanted him to give a technical talk in the near future. He
>> contacted Google with the proposed date and Google responded
>> positively. Ivan is available to speak on either 4/11 or 4/12. (I
>> think he is giving a private technical talk at Google on 4/12).
>> I would like to propose that we again hold a joint EMTECH/BayPiggies
>> meeting for April. The higher-ups for the EMTECH-SIG would like to
>> keep the scheduled day of Wednesday 4/11 for the event. It will be
>> hard for me to get EMTECH to move the date to 4/12. I would like to
>> propose that BayPIGgies host the event at Google, it Google is willing
>> and can accommodate 4/11.
>> So, I have some questions for the group...
>>    1. Would BayPIGgies like to make this a joint EMTECH-SIG meeting?
>>    2. Is the 4/11/2007 date okay? Can BayPIGgies accommodate moving
>>       the April meeting forward by one day?
>>    3. Can we hold the event at Google on 4/11? How can we confirm?
>>       (Note we can use EMTECH-SIG location if necessary).
>> If the group is willing, can someone contact me to help coordinate the
>> event?
>> http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/baypiggies
> I give a +1 to ivan as well and would happily listen to several more
> talks if he's willing to give them.  His presentation at PyCon 2k7 was
> amazing.
> -c
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