[Baypiggies] newbies night newbies

Benjamin Sergeant bsergean at gmail.com
Fri May 4 17:10:23 CEST 2007

Some cents to give people the will to learn python: add a link to the
python challenge on the slides on the newbies night:
It's really important for me to have your hands on something when
learning a new langage. The riddles are a good exemple.


Another good idea (to me), is to show how to recode a historical
program (coreutils, etc ...) in a few line (or maybe more) of code.
One of the good example is the wget.py from Guido.
Maybe this will be more attractive to Unix / Linux users thought.

Find area where for other langage it's really a hassle to program (if
you don't use third party), like:

- Looping, iterating, working with containers. Differentiate the
horror that is to learn the C++ STL syntax as opposed to the for i in
- garbage collecting. Explain that the memory leak hunting does not
exist in python.
- And for last the pain to deal with string in C or C++ (the
prehistorical function like strcat, dealing with unicode and the ugly
wcstr ... functions).

The comparaison could be: for point A, 2 lines for python, 6 lines for
C, etc ...


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