[Baypiggies] Seeking consultant to develop GUI test tool for RFID reader

Vishwa Narayan vnarayan at intelleflex.com
Sat May 5 04:38:14 CEST 2007



I am looking for a Python expert to develop a GUI test tool that will:


*	connect to  TCP/IP enabled RFID readers; send commands over
socket connections to reader, receive responses from reader
*	reader receives commands and sends data via XML; use XML parser
to interpret
*	set up test cases from the GUI (e.g., set reader settings such
as transmit power, antenna select, or loop thru reader parameters such
as transmit power levels)
*	define test routine, such as number of times to read tag, or
time at which to read tag, etc., 
*	receive response from reader, filter and sort if needed, and
save to files on local host; save test settings on local host so that
they may be reloaded
*	assign tag IDs (reported by reader) to objects such as a name,
or an icon file, and display this instead of tag ID
*	interactively change "skin" of GUI (e.g., title page look and


There is extensive C++ code available that may be borrowed from to do
some of the above tasks (such as interacting with the reader, for


Guesstimate that this is a 20 to 60 hour job. Scope can be increased 2X.
Requirement is immediate. 


Please call or e-mail me. Weekend calls OK.


Thank you



Vishwa Narayan

Intelleflex Corp - the intelligent RFID platform company

2465 Augustine Dr., Suite 102, Santa Clara, CA 95054

W: 408-200-6500 F: 408-200-6599 M: 972 369 901


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