[Baypiggies] DreamWorks Animation Hiring - Technology Positions - 5/8/07

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Wed May 9 07:56:31 CEST 2007

Buendia, Trisha wrote:
> *Production (Python) Engineer *(Glendale & Redwood City)
> The Production Engineering group designs, implements, and maintains 
> software that "glues" together the software and data used in the 
> creation of animated feature films.  Production engineers understand the 
> entire computer animation process and use that knowledge to develop the 
> DreamWorks global animation pipeline. We are seeking a highly motivated 
> person with experience in both software development and in computer 
> animation production.

^ This one is in the same group that I'm in, and it's definitely a 
python job. The 'python lead' one is obviously a python/C++ integration 
role like it says.

The other open positions are not as python-focused, but we're obviously 
trying to get more python in use all around, so there might be room for 
some interesting new projects.

Based on how I've seen things run at DreamWorks in the past, all those 
currently-listed positions seem like pretty cool jobs with room for 
exploring new projects and technologies. Our customers are in-house, 
technically-savvy, supportive people which makes it even more fun to 
code for them.

Please find me Thursday night if you'd like to hear more.


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