[Baypiggies] lambda for newbies

Dan Weeks dan+baypiggies at danimal.org
Fri May 11 22:10:34 CEST 2007

On 2007-05-11 12:14, Collin Winter threw down some bits like this:
> Sorry, I forgot to mention that that article is somewhat out-of-date.
> Only the section on reduce() is still really relevant: lambda, map and
> filter are all going to stay in the language. PEPs 3099 and 3100
> provide a good summary of what will and won't change in Python 3.

Which is why:

(a) I really should keep up on my PEPs before opening my mouth
(b) I should hold off writing at 5am when I'm waking up for an early
    morning training ride on my bike.  With the bike I have the luxury
    of muscle memory to get my butt to the destination.
Sorry for stirring the pot.


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