[Baypiggies] python webmail

Benjamin Sergeant bsergean at gmail.com
Thu May 17 17:22:48 CEST 2007

Hi folks,

As you can guess from my email adress I like to use the gmail webmail
provided by this small startup in mountain view. But I also have a
company mail that I plug (plumber) to procmail, bogofilter, fetchmail,
pine, each of those having their funky configuration file...
For sure I could install kmail or thunderbill, but I would lost my
poor hacker mojo and burn in hell !

I'm looking for something like squiremail, but what I found on the web
(ppwm) was last updated in 2002. Maybe the developper retired in
greenland and is preparing a full feature 1.0 release to be released
soon ?
With all stdlib email libraries, and the pletore of web framework
available for python it looks like a place where python would shine.

I'm not taking more time from you, you can go back to slashdot :)

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