[Baypiggies] Recommendation for photo album

Ken Seehart ken at seehart.com
Sat Nov 3 23:07:52 CET 2007

What's the best tool for setting up a photo album?  I have the following 
applications available: Zope, Plone, CherryPy, Django, Drupal, Pylons, 
Rails, and TurboGears.  I've been using Zope and Plone for most things 
so far, but I don't mind expanding a little. 

I'm asking this here because I like the people and opinions of 
BayPiggies, and I prefer a python bias in the answer to this question.

The main features I need are:

- Batch upload, or automatically use image files in the server 
filesystem (I have lots of files, and I don't want to upload one at a time).

- Authenticated user should be able to conveniently edit captions 
directly on the display page.

- Authenticated user should be able to conveniently select multiple 
images to move to a different page.

- Fast learning curve.

- Pretty gui bells and whistles are nice.

Which tools are optimal for this kind of thing?

Ken Seehart

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