[Baypiggies] North Bay Pythonic Companies?

Aaron Maxwell amax at redsymbol.net
Thu Nov 15 00:20:39 CET 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 11:50:16 Craig Smith wrote:
> I'm looking for any advice you might have about North Bay companies that
> use Python. In a perfect world such companies would also be hiring, but
> that's not a critical point. If I lived in the south bay I'd be haunting
> the doors of VMWare, IronPort, Google and such like, but I live in far
> off Sonoma County, and am not quite up for a long commute. Yet.
> Thanks for your time.

You're asking specifically about north bay companies, so this may not be what 
you want, but have you considered working remotely?  Python devs are in 
demand enough that some companies are happy to work that way.

(If I can plug my place, SnapLogic, in San Mateo: a lot of us do work 
remotely - we have engineers in Boston, New Zealand and elsewhere.  Great 
place if, like me, you like the idea of being paid to write open source 
Python code, both for our product, and also contributing to other projects, 
like django, trac, buildbot, figleaf.  If you're interested, contact me off 

Aaron Maxwell - http://redsymbol.net
Test Engineer, SnapLogic - http://snaplogic.org

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