[Baypiggies] Meeting Suggestions?

Charles Merriam charles.merriam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 11:04:10 CET 2007

Do we have a BayPiggies meeting for December?

I could give a whirlwind talk that I proposed for PyCon.   I'll need
to know two weeks in advance.



Many times the right answer is just finding the right library, tool,
or internal Python concept.  This whirlwind talk will give a one to
two minute overview of about twenty Python buzzwords.  Topics include
metaclasses, name managling, PEPs, Django, TurboGears, Zope, PyPy, DB
API, and others.  For technical managers, this overview will provide
the broad base necessary to direct engineers to explore new topics.


This talk is appropriate to all levels of Python programmers and managers.

00:00  Introduction

01:00  Python Internals

*      List contexts
*      Modules and Self deleting module routines
*      Object Lifecycle and tricks
*      Metaclasses
*      Iterators and Generators
*      Decorators
*      Class Hooks
*      Multiple Inheritance
*      Unicode
*      Python 3000

12:00  Python Libraries

*      DB API
*      Alternate Database Packages
*      PIL (Python Imaging Library)
*      JSON and XML with Python
*      Python as an date description language

22:00  Larger Python Packages

*      PyGame for 2D Game programming
*      Soya for 3D Game programing
*      Django for WebApps
*      TurboGears for WebApps
*      Django versus TurboGears
*      Zope for Content Management

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