[Baypiggies] Nested plone sites?

Ken Seehart ken at seehart.com
Fri Oct 5 00:09:39 CEST 2007

I heard somewhere that nested plone sites was a bad idea.  I'm wondering 
what the issues are.

Say I have a personal plone site at www.seehart.com with my own stuff in 
it.  I also have a plone site hosted elsewhere that is already being 
used.  I want to move that other plone site to www.seehart.com/foobar.  
The reason that I am tempted to make www.seehart.com/foobar a separate 
nested plone site is that the content of www.seehart.com/foobar has 
absolutely nothing to do with www.seehart.com, has a different set of 
users, and there is some possibility that I may want to move it again in 
the future independently of www.seehart.com.

Perhaps a cleaner approach would be to make www.seehart.com a Zope site, 
and make a plone site www.seehart.com/mystuff but I don't like the url 
arrangement as much that way.

Another possibility would be to set it up like this:
http://seehart.webfactional.com/seehart.com - plone site
http://seehart.webfactional.com/foobar - plone site

Then have it linked up like this:

www.seehart.com/foobar => http://seehart.webfactional.com/foobar
www.seehart.com => http://seehart.webfactional.com/seehart.com

Would that work better?  Am I confused?


 - Ken Seehart

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