[Baypiggies] Wanted: a few good C/C++/Python developers

Rick Kwan kenobi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 18:22:59 CEST 2007

The reason I've been so cognizant of job posting rules is because I'm
about to do it myself.  I got my current job through the BayPIGgies
list, and I'm confident there's a few more interested, qualified
people out there.

I don't have a job req number, but I know we're interviewing, have
talked with our recruiter, and with members of our team.  I work in a
team of about 15 people in a publicly traded company.  (NYSE:VMW)

Here is what I can tell of what we're looking for:
* Job is in R&D organization in Palo Alto.
* Working languages are C, C++, and Python; the main language depends
on the project.
* Should be very comfortable developing on Linux.
* Demonstrated knowledge of OS kernel, device drivers, file system,
and/or networking is desirable.  Tinkering in FreeBSD or Linux kernel
code is a plus.

Honestly, the current big need is for C.  But we're encouraged to be
fluent in all three listed above because projects come and go, and we
want to be nimble.  I currently do mostly Python and some C, but I
think that is about to flip for a while.

We do lots and lots of code reviews.  I've been looking for a place
with people to constructively take my Python code apart.  I've found

I liked that "marginally Pythonic announcement" so much that I'm
posting my work e-mail address in a similar vein.
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eaddr = ''.join([chr(i) for i in (
print eaddr
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Feel free to send me resumes and/or questions; I'll forward the
resumes to our in-house recruiter.

--Rick Kwan

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