[Baypiggies] Wanted: a few good C/C++/Python developers

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 01:37:50 CEST 2007

my company also has some various engr roles open.  for the development
positions, we, of course, are primarily a Python shop, but we like to
see C/C++ on resumes not because you may be using those tools here,
but that you've been on the memory mgmt train before and will not be
sloppy with your Python.  having Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc., won't
hurt as long as you also have had C/C++ too.

let me know if you or anyone u guys know who are interested in a hot
start-up down here in the lower peninsula at the los altos - palo alto
- mtn view tri-city border near the corner of san antonio and el
camino. the caltrain station is about 15-20min walk away.  we just got
our Series B a few months ago (DFJ)

- operations: sys adminish, CentOS/RHEL, win32, mac os X, rack'em and
stack'em at colo in santa clara, monitoring, building servers and
imaging their disks, VOIP system, etc

- data mining: website crawling, data feed processing, parsing (XML, CSV, etc.)

- search: relevance, natural language, stemming, database indexing,
any kind of search engine experience (lucene, xapian, etc.), ORMs

- webUI: hardcore JS, Ajax, JSON, mootools/jQuery/Dojo, CherryPy, Cheetah

our main product is a google-type search engine on top of shopping
malls... we've already "assimilated" about 100 around the US this past
summer and plan to double that b4 the holiday season:
we are not an online shopping search engine like pricegrabber, nextag,
or shopping.com.  we are the sole leaders in the market that focuses
on shoppers who research online but buy offline, which is (believe it
or not) more than half of all shoppers PERIOD:

we only have 15 ppl right now, still near groundfloor for getting
decent equity share with good benefits plus employee perks!  when is
the last time you have found a pure development (non-QA,
non-framework) position that was all Python (except maybe YouTube)?
the founders IPOd with e.phiphany and Loudcloud as well as with
shopping.com (acq by eBay). contact me privately if you or someone you
know is looking!! ping me ASAP as we're planning on filling this
positions quickly!  my work e-mail is wesc at nearbynow dot com.


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