[Baypiggies] VMWare--CPD, Install Winning Opportunities!!

Steve Hansen (c) shansen at vmware.com
Fri Oct 26 02:04:47 CEST 2007

Dear fellow members of Bay Area Python Interest Group,
I am a recruiter at VMWare.   We have many openings for Python
I send out this email to interested parties, below.
Python is necessary.   We need Linux O.S. knowledge.  Red Hat Package Manager
is great! or  Solaris Package, Suse Package.
The description is below.
How much Python, do you have, months, years?  
How current are you in it?
How strong are you in Python?
How much experience do you have in a package manager, and which ones, have
you used?
RPM, SUSE, or Solaris Package Manager?
If you don't have experience in these, we allow you  to learn them in time.
Please let me know, if you are interested in it.  It is also, a hub group,
having to deal with all the technologies, and development groups we have at
VMWare.  We do 3-4--6 month releases for new functionality/new features, as
well as work with other core technology groups, to do joint 16--18 months

We are the only team, that supports the entire product line.   We get to
know, the whole product/project, and not just a small piece of it.

So, you are Not going to be pidgeonholed into one area, you get to be in a
broad technology role, the product line is All NEW!!


   You'll get to learn the whole product.  We're the HUB, of all of VMWare!!!

    High Visibility!!  


This is one the serious Top Visible Initiatives--Efforts in VMWare.

Candidates have to be aware of CPD needs, can see the opportunities are


Please send me a copy of your resume.   I'll submit it to my hiring technical

Steve Hansen
Sr. Technical Recruiter
VMware, Inc.
shansen at vmware.com

  MTS - Software Engineer - Install      6703    


VMware is look for talented software engineers to be key members of a
start-up engineering team. This role will develop and support the ESX
Linux-based Console Operating System (COS). This operating system serves as a
base for the ESX server and a platform for third party management agents. 


- Troubleshoot and resolve issues with installation, upgrade and support
utilities in multiple releases. 
- Isolate problems which involve working across multiple components within
the ESX product. 
- Communicate effectively with multiple groups in the course of performing
the above functions. 
- Design and implement new features or enhancements to the existing products.


- Expertise with installing, administering, troubleshooting, and developing
software for the Linux operating system. 
-Strong multi-layer development and debugging skills across: library and
application layers. 
- Proficiency in Python, Perl, and shell scripting. 
- The ability to debug some C code, but more-so Python and Perl, Makefiles,
and other scripting and programming languages. 
- Knowledge of RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) best practices, as well as RPM
install scripts, SPEC files, and development libraries.


Solaris Package or Suse Package, Install Shield.

We are using Python to build our new features, functions, and installation



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