[Baypiggies] questions from a noob

Stephen Cox stephen at stephencox.org
Wed Sep 19 12:45:42 CEST 2007

Hi, I'm new to Python. Coming from (believe it or not) a mainframe  
(Cobol, Ada) background with a fair amount of xbase (dBase, Fox,  
Clipper) under my belt. Been making a nice living maintaining xbase  
legacy code. ;) But was finally conned into taking up a "modern"  
lang. I choose Python for a variety of reasons.

Anyway enough of me, some questions. Found this list via python.org.  
And after reading some of the threads was wondering if this was the  
right list for newbs? If not, can you point me to a list or forum  
that is?

Thanks... in advance.

   Stephen Cox
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