[Baypiggies] Needed: Experienced Python/Zope developer

Joseph Ols joseph at olscontrols.com
Thu Apr 10 07:26:12 CEST 2008

Lead Developer must leave venture for personal reasons -- need replacement.

Prototype & Demo are working, and he may get our Alpha working before totally leaving.  Looking for another to complete Alpha/Beta and then help ramp.  Open to part-time work, prefer task-based but open to hourly payment.  For the right person will be open to Equity.  

The application is a combination of a website, custom hardware, and Linux SBC enabling companies and homeowners inexpensively to control individual room temperatures via a web interface.  This person(*) will write client-side Python embedded controller code, and create server-side feature rich Zope webpages working with a mySQL database.  

Looking for a bright / skilled coder who understands Python/Zope and basics of HTML, JavaScript & CSS, and how they work together to make for a good user experience.  One who can jump into the middle of an existing project, and be/remain productive after a brief orientation.

    - Python.  Mid-level ability for server-side work, and more advanced Python for client-side coding
    - Zope.  Solid experience with developing a Zope or Plone site in the past, for server-side work
    - HTML, JavaScript, CSS.  While design experience would be great, you are able to 'make it happen' when shown how the final output should look

    - Graphics Design
    - Web User Interface design
    - Able to help manage other developers

If this looks interesting, please send e-mail joseph at olscontrols.com, or call (408) 353-6564 for more information & project specifics.  

Thank you.

Joseph Ols
(*) prefer one person, but open to multiple individuals if interested in client-side-only or server-side-only focus
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