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Michael Pittaro mikeyp at snaplogic.org
Tue Apr 15 05:43:31 CEST 2008

Welcome to Python !

I think the most direct way to do this, at least for beginners,  is 
through the environment variable PYTHONPATH:

Any directories you add will be searched for modules before the standard 

Max Slimmer wrote:
> you can do it dynamically (in your program) by
> import sys
> sys.path.append('mypath')
> You can 'edit' the sys.path list in addition to adding items.
> or you can add a .pth file in some directory in the python path, like 
> python25 or .../sitepackages/  This would be used if you wanted to add a 
> directory where you store various sub modules you use in your application.
> Tabatchnick, Justin wrote:
>> Hi ;
>> I am new to Python and wanted to edit the path shown in sys.path , is 
>> there an init file or something like it that I can edit .
>> Thanks
>> Justin Tabatchnick
>> Intel , Folsom , Ca
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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