[Baypiggies] Python WSGI server comparison?

Niall O'Higgins niallo at unworkable.org
Thu Apr 17 23:12:16 CEST 2008


I'm looking into various Python WSGI servers.  Currently I have been
testing with 2.5's wsgiref server and this works fine for me.
However, I don't have a clear picture of what should be used for a
more 'production' environment, my impression is that the wsgiref
server is not suited to this.

I have found various lists of WSGI-capable servers on the web, but
have no idea what the pros and cons are, or which are well-tested and

At the moment I'm interested in pure Python servers, rather than
Apache mod_python/mod_wsgi or fastcgi etc solutions.

What are other people using?  My requirements are pretty basic, its
just a simple web service.


Niall O'Higgins
Software Enthusiast

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