[Baypiggies] Job Posting: 23andMe seeking Sr. Level Engineers w/Python experience

Oliver Ryan oliver at 23andme.com
Fri Apr 18 00:35:09 CEST 2008

Hey BayPIGgies,

I work with a smallish, exciting Google/Genentech funded startup in Mountain
View called 23andMe. In November, we launched our product, a web-based
service that helps individuals read and understand their DNA via a series of
interactive tools that shed new light on everything from their health, to
their distant ancestors, close family and most of all, themselves.


I'm pasting a job description below, we're on the hunt for a  couple of
senior level people to join our engineering team (which is currently around
10 people). We are presented with some incredible and unique engineering
challenges, and have built a great team that we're excited to continue
growing, not to mention a great work environment. If you have questions, or
are interested, please feel free to contact me directly at
oliver at 23andme.com. 



23andMe is seeking seasoned Software Engineers/Architects to help us
continue to build an engaging, interactive website that allows people to
explore their genetics. This person will (among other things) design and
implement databases and application layers to support large amounts of
genetic data and rapid user application development. Will solve performance
and scalability challenges of a rapidly growing consumer-oriented product. 


Primary Responsibilities

.             Designing application layer abstractions (database APIs,
application logic libraries) 

.             Writing application servers, knowledge of sockets, processes
and threads 

.             Designing for performance and scalability 

.             Profiling and optimizing code in any language ( preferably
Python or C/C++) 


Minimum Requirements

.             Bachelor's in Computer Science or higher, plus 2-4 years
experience (new grads also welcome to apply) 

.             Experience with LAMP stack, including database design and
management in MySQL and web programming in Python, PHP, or Perl 

.             Security and cryptography work a plus, including
implementation of symmetric key, public key, hashing, and MAC algorithms 

.             DHTML/XHTML/CSS2/Javascript website implementation with AJAX
experience also a plus 


Oliver Ryan



oliver at 23andme.com

650 938 6300

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