[Baypiggies] py2exe. Python(x,y). Distribution issues.

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 23 22:00:26 CEST 2008

This whole wider issue of building with multiple package interdependencies across
multiple platforms and Python versions is getting to be a headache, touched on
it when discussing the Enthought distribution at April meeting.
(Yes I know your case was with py2exe.)
Another recently-launched free distribution is "Python(x,y)":
Python 2.5 + Qt + MinGW + Eclipse + C++/Fortran + scientific libraries + 2D/3D plotting:
(currently downloadable for Windows 2003/XP/Vista; other platforms coming.)
If we're talking about SCons, can we also talk about these things?
Some people commented to me on the status of distutils and eggs.
It's worse when you have multiple "foreign" dependencies to various non-Python packages.
> Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 01:14:28 -0700> From: d_berthelot at yahoo.com> To: baypiggies at python.org> Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] p2exe ... Solved (and solution)> > Thanks to everyone for your prompt help, I just wanted to let you know the outcome.> > Giles' solution worked for me: I installed MingW and built my extension with it. Now it works flawlessly with py2exe and the archive works properly when used on a different computer.> > David> > ----- Original Message ----> From: Giles Brown <g.brown at rms.co.uk>> To: David Berthelot <d_berthelot at yahoo.com>; baypiggies at python.org> Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 3:44:31 AM> Subject: RE: [Baypiggies] p2exe combined with building C extension forpython on WinXP with Visual C++ 2005> > In the past I've managed to get extensions built with mingw to> play ok with the standard build of python, but that was for Python 2.3> so things may have changed...> > http://www.mingw.org/MinGWiki/index.php/Python%20extensions> > Might be worth investigating.> > Giles> > -----Original Message-----> From: David Berthelot [mailto:d_berthelot at yahoo.com] > Sent: 22 April 2008 09:32> To: baypiggies at python.org> Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] p2exe combined with building C extension> forpython on WinXP with Visual C++ 2005> > I was kind of avoiding to rebuild python with 2005 because I'm afraid to> run into other problems and I would also have to recompile all the> libraries that I use, namely numpy, PIL and wxpython which I never> compiled on windows (and that may bring me to recompile the core> libraries on which these wrappers are based, namely blas (and all the> other mathematical libraries that numpy uses) and wx as well, ...). I> have the feeling there must be a simpler way.> > ----- Original Message ----> From: Benjamin Sergeant <bsergean at gmail.com>> To: David Berthelot <d_berthelot at yahoo.com>> Cc: baypiggies at python.org> Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 1:01:10 AM> Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] p2exe combined with building C extension for> python on WinXP with Visual C++ 2005> > Building python with 2005 might help ?> > On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 12:11 AM, David Berthelot> <d_berthelot at yahoo.com> wrote:> >> > Hi,> >> > I wrote an application in python and C that I am trying to port to > > Windows XP (and that's where my nightmare begins). I couldn't find > > Visual C++ 2003 as recommended in the documentation since Microsoft > > removed it from download (generously offering 2005 express or 2008> express instead).> >> > Now I have installed 2005 and I managed to build my extension module, > > so far so good, it loads in python and works.> >> > The next step was to make this application and standalone program, so > > I naturally turned to py2exe. Basically it creates an archive (for > > which I must embed manually msvcm80.dll and msvcr80.dll). The > > executable works on my local computer.> >> > The problem is that when I copy this archive to another windows XP > > computer, it starts fine but the binary module compiled with express > > 2005 crashes when invoked (all other modules included binaries of > > wxpython which I supposed were compiled on express 2003 are running > > fine). How could I solve this problem ?> >> > Thanks,> >> > David> >
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