[Baypiggies] Pylons / TG2 / WSGI Sprint late May in the North Bay

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Thu Apr 24 09:33:45 CEST 2008

We have a Pylons/TG2/WSGI Sprint happening May 31st and June 1st, at  
O'Reilly Media in beautiful Sebastopol, CA.

Please add your name here if you plan on attending so we can get an  
appropriate amount of space allocated:


If your company would like to help sponsor a meal for the sprinters,  
please contact me privately.

This Sprint is occurring at the same time as the Annual Atlanta WSGI  
Sprint, and those in the Bay Area are welcome to join us at O'Reilly  
to participate as well.

Libraries/Frameworks we will be sprinting on:
- Pylons
- TurboGears 2
- TG2/Pylons on Jython
- Beaker
- WebOb
- WebError
- WebHelpers
- Other WSGI libraries?

For those interested in helping out on Pylons, our main tasks will be:
- Documentation (Using Sphinx)
- Website updates
- Lots of unit tests
- Feature additions and enhancements
- Bug fixes

Local hotels and directions also available at: http://wiki.pylonshq.com/display/pylonscommunity/Sprints

Python developers at all levels welcome, we'll be having a WSGI intro  
and overview in the morning to help bring people up to speed as well.  
Those unable to make it, are welcome to join us online to sprint.

Ben Bangert
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