[Baypiggies] JSUnit and Python builds

Jeff Younker jeff at drinktomi.com
Fri Apr 25 21:14:09 CEST 2008

> Buildbot + Selenium RC (or Windmill) + JSUnit?

click... click... click... Oh.  Dear God. Using SeleniumRC
to drive a browser running JSUnit?  Are you serious
or am I misinterpreting your intent?

I was hoping that someone would have produced
a solution that works a bit more like JSUnit's distrubuted
test or that leverages it directly, but...that Selenium RC
would work.

  oh... oh... that hurts.  That defeats have the purpose of
using JSUnit to avoid Selenium's speed hit.   I mean, that's
possibly uglier than incorporating the JSUnit ant tasks.

Oh god JJ.  Make that thought go away.  Please just
make it go away.


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