[Baypiggies] last minute seats for Python course next week!

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 00:21:48 CEST 2008


apologies for the broadcast as i usually only make at most 2
announcements for every course.  i've had a few students who had to
pull out due to the current economic conditions, and now i'm at the
borderline of whether to hold the course or not, so if you know of any
colleagues or co-workers who need a comprehensive intro to Python +
Python internals training course next week, Mon-Wed, 5/5-7, please
have them get in touch with me immediately as i would love to move
forward with it as there are some people who really need it for their
projects. i only need ~3 more students! the deadline is tomorrow Wed
4/30 at 11:59pm, so have them contact me ASAP; and if they take the
class, i would be glad to provide a referral gift!

thanks for your help!
http://cyberwebconsulting.com (click "Python Training")

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