[Baypiggies] Carpooling/hotel roomshare/BOF arrangements for attending SciPy Conference?‏

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 1 23:53:40 CEST 2008

Anyone who is attending SciPy Conference and wants to either:
a) carpool (I plan to go down Mon 18th, daytime. Oneway only,
don't need a ride back. I'm in Mtn View.)
b) roomshare at the Marriott. I will be staying Mon 18th-Sat 23
Or at least roomshare for as many of those days as you're there.
c) BOF: Matthew Turk wondered if anyone wanted to have a
SF Bay Area SciPy BOF down at the conference (since many of us have
South Bay folks have never met the Berkeley or Livermore folks).
Sounds like a good idea, any interest, not sure if we have the numbers?
Presumably we would schedule it to not conflict with other BOFs.
Not sure which lunchtime or evening slot would work best?
http://conference.scipy.org/Schedule:Tuesday-Wednesday, August 19-20: TutorialsThursday-Friday, August 21-22: ConferenceSaturday-Sunday, August 23-24: SprintsBOFs: evenings
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