[Baypiggies] Looking for a do-it-all general practitioner for full time permanent position

Emile van Sebille job at salesinq.com
Mon Aug 4 20:54:35 CEST 2008

I'm a one-man shop independent since '79 operating out of Burlingame 
looking for someone to work closely with me to support my customers and 
move forward on new applications. I've got 10 or so active accounts with 
a few monopolizing my time.

I have work for someone who recognizes most of the terms below, has 
worked with half, and is comfortably up to speed with a third.  Regular 
commuting to Fremont and Watsonville required with occasional visits to 
Petaluma, Sacramento and Fresno.  Possibilities for working from home.  

Work includes pc and printer deployment as well as some customer and 
desktop support.

Please indicate salary requirements when responding.  This is a full 
time position for the next 5-7 years.  Python is used extensively as 
glue interfacing various pieces together.  There's a lot of technologies 
at play here, so if you're an independently minded developer, enjoy 
integrating existing technologies to provide new solutions, and doing 
rapid discovery and deployment of new technologies, this could be for you.

activefax, apache, bash, bbx, bios, centOS, clam, CNC, courier, crontab, 
css, cups, df, dhcp, django, dns, dom, DPL, dtml, du, Excel, expect, 
ftp, gcode, ghostview, HPGL, html, IE, imap, ipadder, ipchains, 
iptables, javascript, kvm, ldap, lightning, links, lpd, mailman, 
mencoder, mnt, msched, msconfig, mysql, nat, nfs, nmap, OE, open office, 
osx, outlook, pcanywhere, perl, php, PIL, plone, pop, POST, postgresql, 
postscript, pro5, python, raid, rc.d, rdp, reportlab, redhat, rs232, 
rsync, samba, scp, sendmail, smtp, spamd, spybot, sql, squid, 
squidguard, squirrelmail, ssh, svn, tal, tales, tar, taskmgr, tcpdump, 
thunderbird, up2date, vi, vmware, vnc, webmin, wget, wiki, win2k, 
winpatrol, xpsp2, xxcopy, yum, zope, zwiki.

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