[Baypiggies] charsets in email headers

Jason Culverhouse jason at mischievous.org
Mon Aug 25 23:20:30 CEST 2008

Right here...

from email.header import decode_header

[('[Invitation] dummy event 4 @ Tue Aug 26 10pm \x96 11:',  


On Aug 25, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Brent Tubbs wrote:

> I'm writing a Google App Engine app that accepts incoming emails using
> the free smtp2web.com service.  Things are generally working, but some
> (not all) subject lines in the emails look like this (this one's a
> Google Calendar event invitation):
> =?windows-1252?Q? 
> =5BInvitation=5D_dummy_event_4_=40_Tue_Aug_26_10pm_=96_11=3A?=
>        =?windows-1252?Q?30pm_=28=22Schmobag=5FHogfather=22=29?=
> I've learned that that's got something to do with the subject being in
> the windows-1252 charset, but I'm mystified as to how to turn that
> into human-readable ASCII.  The python email module has a charset
> class that's supposed to help with this I think, but I don't know how
> to make it do what I need.
> Any suggestions on the best way to turn the ugly string above into
> something nicer?
> Thanks,
> Brent
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