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FYI for those interested in intermediate Python, go to
http://foothill.edu and search for Python.
class runs on monday evenings 6-9:40p from 1/5-3/23. i enjoy giving
back to the community, and since i don't make enough commits to open
source projects, teaching is how i do it (naturally). the course is
essentially a combination of my comprehensive intro plus advanced
courses. you are expected to have completed an intro course (or
equivalent experience) in Python already. mail me privately for more
course info than what's on Foothill's website.

also as mentioned in tonite's meeting, BayPIGgies has lost its meeting
space at Google. kudos to Leslie H for sponsoring us for over the past
3 years... without her support and dedication, we could not have grown
to our current membership size. CHEERS for LESLIE!! while we are going
to determine the next meeting place soon, i let folks know that there
is a new SF Python Meetup group that hooks up on the 1st wed of the
month in case you're further north and can attend. here is the
announcement for january's meeting:

What: January Hack Session - Theme: App Engine
When: January 7, 2009 7:00 PM
Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: This month we'll be doing a hack session, so bring
a pet project of your choosing and come code with us. You can stick to
the theme, or stray from it, but we'll have a couple folks from the
App Engine platform development team around to give folks a head
start. If you're interested in getting started with it, or if you're
stuck on something, this is a great opportunity to get the skinny.

Learn more here:

i also mentioned there is a new Django user group up in SF as well,
and here is *their* website: http://groups.google.com/group/django-sf

have a great holiday season and see you all next year!
-- wesley

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