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Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 03:45:08 CET 2008

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 6:26 PM, Benjamin Sergeant <bsergean at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe there's a fancier way to do that, but that works for me (tested with a
> jump to a function).
> With vim:
> :cd your_project_root
> :!ctags -R .
> :set tags=tags
> Ctrl ] will jump to the "word under the cursor" definition.
> I think it's alt-d in emacs.
> The problem is updating the tags file. I sometimes add a Makefile rule to a
> Makefile that sits in my project root folder. You can probably do something
> fancy with an event system (inotify or kqueue ?) to monitor files save and
> do the updating automatically.

Perfect.  Thanks!

By the way, I've been having a field day writing about which editors
and IDEs are best for which tasks.  Check out:


I'm not trying to start an editor war.  Rather the opposite.  I'm
trying to figure out which editors are better for which tasks because
of certain features and design choices.


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